3x protection

3X Protection

All three components possess qualities that are imperative for a successful liver cell regeneration and hepatoprotection. The phosphatidylcholines, commonly known as phospholipids, found within the EssentiLiv capsules,  form an important part of the actual liver cell structure and are fundamental in providing a successful gateway into the liver cell structure for the two other components. Phospholipids are frequently used in contemporary medicine to increase the effectiveness of different medicaments. This system of supplying cells with an active substance is called liposomal drug delivery, which, in comparison with other drug delivery systems, is about 40% more effective, while requiring a considerably smaller amount of active substances in use. Meanwhile, the silymarin, which is found within the milk thistle extract, has been used to improve and protect liver function for centuries. A research suggests that silymarin is 10 times more effective if delivered via the liposomal drug delivery system while also boasting 4,6 times fold higher bioavailability. Our product contains 2 times more of active substances and phospholipids than that of our competitors while being the only product on the market that besides the two mentioned components also contains the valuable Vitamin B complex.

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Your product will be dispatched from the moment of the actual purchase and will arrive in the next 72 hours at your convenience. The product will be packed in a perfectly safe soft cover that’ll ensure its protection during the trip.

EssentiLiv products are made in the USA territory using only the top class production FDA approved facilities and employing experts with a prominent experience in the field. The process is carefully overlooked and executed to always live up to the company’s high-quality standard.

The materials involved in the making of EssentiLiv products are processed using only eco-friendly techniques. The casing of the pills does not contain materials of an animal origin. Guaranteed quality, no synthetics and production methods that provide no harm on nature’s side.