Phospholipids - Energy production, Energy storage

Phospholipids – providing structure and protection to the cells, producing and storing energy


Phospholipids comprise a very important subclass of an organic compound group called „lipids”, a group that is fundamental in the construction of cell membranes – the most basic units of life. Our body cells are surrounded by the phospholipids that are arranged in two parallel layers of lipid molecules, a formation which is called phospholipid bilayer. This lipid bilayer encloses all living matter within a cell and makes up the cell membrane of almost every living organism, thus being crucial to cell’s ability to function properly.

Besides being imperative for normal cellular functions, phospholipids also perform other vital body functions, such as:

  •    The support of all cognitive functions
  •    The maintenance of cardiovascular health
  •    The maintenance of nerve health
  •    Supporting proper liver function
  •    Supporting healthy digestion process
  •   Creating clusters that assist in the transportation of vitamins, nutrients as well as fat molecules through the body
  •  The phospholipid bilayer allows carbon dioxide and oxygen molecules to reach the cell thus providing cellular respiration which is basically how human body creates energy from the consumed food

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