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How to Lower Alt Levels


Regarding the topic of liver issues, the peculiar acronym ALT is definitely a one to pay a serious attention to. Abnormal levels of ALT, that are apparent for an extended period of time, can indicate a serious liver condition in progress while the reasons behind higher-then-normal ALT levels can range from a relatively easily treatable lack of blood flow to the liver to more complex and dangerous issues such as hepatitis or even liver cancer. The team behind Essentiliv dwells into yet another investigation, to uncover the potential threats of increased ALT levels and some of the methods one can employ to prevent his/hers liver from working against their body.

What Exactly is Alt and How to Lower ALT levels Fast?

Before we dig deeper into the issue, it is important to find out what exactly ALT stands for and what increased levels of ALT could potentially mean for your organism. ALT basically stands for alanine aminotransferase, an enzyme produced in the liver cells and a one that plays an important part in the process of metabolism, effectively converting consumed food into energy. Essentially, there’s nothing wrong with the enzyme itself, even more so, it’s a vitally necessary substance for a successful functioning of the liver. The problem starts when the enzyme is released and accumulated into your bloodstream. This is caused by inflamed or somehow otherwise damaged the liver, which leads to increased ALT levels in your blood serum. One might wonder is there any treatment for high liver enzymes available at all? Well, fortunately, there are numerous ways to lower ALT levels found in your bloodstream. Whilst you might go with reconfiguring your menu in order to infuse it with liver support foods (we’ll return to these shortly after) there’s also a plethora of other liver supplements to treat elevated levels of enzymes, for example, the vitamin B complex, found in the Essentiliv capsules.

Treating Increased ALT Levels with Liver Health Diet

First off, there are numerous do’s and don’ts that can help you to lower ALT/AST levels naturally. To quickly wipe out the mist, AST or aspartate aminotransferase is another enzyme that’s commonly found in liver and can signalize a potentially serious degenerative liver condition, if found in higher-than-normal levels in one’s bloodstream. The amount of AST found in blood has a direct correlation with the amount of damage the liver has suffered. Before dwelling on the dietary aspects, it must be noted that a complete alcohol withdrawal is obligatory before starting any other procedure to treat the condition.

What are the Best Liver Support Foods to Consume?

Besides the products and side dishes mentioned in the previous article, dedicated to the subject of liver detoxification (šeit links uz iepriekšējo rakstu), any diet that consists of nutrient-rich products, coming mostly from the green end of the menu, will have a positive effect on the particular condition. A regular portion of whole grains, vegetables (mostly cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower and broccoli), leafy green vegetables (such as spinach, chicory, mustard greens) and dairy products (only those of a low fat saturation) will load your organism with the antioxidants and vitamins that’ll boost your liver’s ability to keep up a moderate enzyme level in your bloodstream. Besides these, there’s also a nice menu for those with a penchant for more stodgy foods. Potatoes, beans, and peas are also welcomed since these are a great source of fiber, which is also known to help regulate the enzyme levels in liver. In the same vein, you should also enhance your menu with certain products from the fruit world. Practically every citrus fruit and certain types of berries (raspberries, elderberries) boast a very high fiber saturation with the additional value of vitamin C. All in all, liver health diet is by no means a diet without a taste.

Foods to Avoid in Order to Prevent Elevated Enzyme Levels

Now, this does not mean that you should immediately cross out all of your beloved foods from your daily menu. The real issue here is the amount of consumption, therefore, if any of the following foods really fall into the list of your gustatory guilty pleasures, simply think about reducing their part in your diet. It almost goes without saying that the foods you should avoid are those of a high fat saturation. Fats from these foods naturally increase the overall fat level in your bloodstream which, in turn, can lead to a lot of unwelcomed fat reserves stored in your liver. Fat-induced liver damage is one of the main causes behind increased ALT levels, so be aware of the following snacks: bacon, hot dogs, any type of sausage, bologna, full-fat yogurt, and ice cream. One should also keep an eye on a number of cheese products and eggs since these should also be consumed only in moderate amounts. Any type of meaty restaurant foods as well as (of course) fast foods, should only be consumed once in a while. Remember, out of all supplements and dietary solutions, the main liver protector, first and foremost, is you.

Liver Supplements and Vitamins to Fight Increased ALT Levels

There are numerous strategies to resort to in order to decrease the number of liver enzymes, usually applied depending on the cause of the condition (obesity, alcohol consumption, prescribed medication). Besides a carefully planned diet and regular exercising, one can also utilize a plethora of vitamins associated with the process of liver detoxification. Vitamins A, C, and E are important antioxidant vitamins, capable of annihilating free radicals, effectively protecting your body from the damage caused by the toxins. Another effective way to fight increased ALT levels is to use vitamin B complex, that’s also one of the three main ingredients of the Essentiliv formula. It must be noted that the use of vitamin B complex is especially crucial for those practicing a pressure-heavy urban lifestyle since the daily intake of toxins tends to be considerably higher than the acceptable norm. To be more scrupulous, vitamin B1 aids to decrease the effects induced by smoking, alcohol consumption and toxic heavy metals while vitamin B2 stimulates the overall liver functionality (you can find out more about the Vitamin B complex in the EssentiLiv formula description here (šeit links uz sastāvdaļām)). Every vitamin of the complex plays an important part in establishing a healthy liver efficiency, yet in the combination with the milk thistle extract, utilized in the production of EssentLiv capsules, the elevated ALT levels can be treated with a complete success guarantee!

Despite the wide range of causes for increased ALT levels in the blood, it should never be ignored or viewed as a temporary issue. The best way to keep the track of your liver health is to do prophylactic ALT tests on a regular basis as well as following any of the above mentioned preventive strategies. Besides using EssentLiv as your dietary supplement, a few changes in your diet and a couple of 30 min exercise sessions now and then won’t do any harm.






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