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Milk Thistle – Working for Your Liver’s Benefit since the Ancient times

There’s very little debate about the variety of benefits that Milk Thistle (Sylbium) has brought to the table of public health. The ever so popular plant is proven to possess numerous, liver-friendly attributes, written and theorized about since the very ancient times. However, it only became a staple of the contemporary pharmacy during 1950’s, when the plant finally became the subject of official pharmacological and chemical research. From then on out, milk thistle seems to appear whenever the topic of liver health is brought up. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the most essential characteristics of the plant itself, and the plethora of ways it can genuinely improve the quality of your life.

It’s Natural

It’s that simple. One of the most obvious qualities of milk thistle is the fact that it’s a remedy of a completely natural origin. A member of the Asteracea family, milk thistle, scientifically known as Silybum marianum, is a close relative of both daisies and sunflowers. Both a natural liver detoxifier and a supporter of normal bodily function, milk thistle, fortunately for us, is also a rather widespread herb.

Coincidentally (taking into account its natural origin), the majority of conditions it is employed to fight, are artificially induced. Whether its pollution, heavy metals found in water, pesticides found in our food, or damage that arises from the use of prescription medicine and excessive alcohol consumption, milk thistle will fight each with an equal efficiency.  

It’s a Multi-Purpose Remedy

On the surface level, milk thistle has always been associated solely with the subject of liver health. However, that’s not necessarily the only organ it can positively affect. Next to the biggest gland in our body, the milk thistle extract, otherwise known as flavonoid silymarin (which, for the matter, is synthesis of other three compounds, namely: silibinin, silidianin and silicristin) also supports normal functioning of gallbladder and kidneys (by cleaning our body of metabolic waste and preventing the development of both gallstones and kidney stones), all thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Although it is safe to say that milk thistle extract is mainly employed as an effective mean of liver cleanse, its numerous benefits also make it a great preventive agent, recommended to individuals with no apparent liver issues, but with symptoms that indicate impending liver problems for the future.

It’s used to Deal with Serious, Potentially Fatal Liver Conditions

Although there’s no general consensus on this one, it is widely believed that milk thistle is a “miracle drug” or, more precisely, one of the “last straw” options when it comes to serious and difficult-to-treat conditions such as liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and the liver damage caused by “death cap” mushroom poisoning. With that said, opinions on the milk thistle extract’s potency still vary, with some denominating its effects as a simple, placebo effect-induced self-healing. This, however, should not be viewed as some sort of a de facto conclusion, as the majority of clinical studies state quite the contrary.Flavonoid silymarin has been proved to significantly boost immune system and reduce the damage inflicted on our DNA. While by no means a cure for extreme conditions such as liver cancer, it can also greatly reduce the risk of developing one. After all, there’s got to be a reason why milk thistle has been employed in medicine for well over 2000 years. Dioscorides probably knew what he was talking about.

It’s the Greatest Nemesis of Toxins

One of the core attributes of the milk thistle extract is its ability to draw toxins out of our body. This, in turn, significantly decreases the risk of cancer and diabetes development, as well as fights the negative effects of alcohol use and chemotherapy. Although a seemingly minor issue compared to the aforementioned, milk thistle extract is also known as an effective remedy for a wide range of skin problems, most prominently - a UV-induced oxidative stress. Keep in mind that it’s the exact reaction that’s responsible for conditions such as skin cancer.

Acknowledging its anti-oxidant features, it only makes sense that the milk thistle extract has become a customary ingredient in practically any, clinically approved liver health supplement on the market. EssentiLiv liver pills are no exception. However, in the case of EssentiLiv, the anti-oxidant qualities of milk thistle extract are significantly boosted by a combining it with phospholipids and the Vitamin B complex.

It’s the Greatest Ally of Your Liver

Expectedly, we had to pay tribute to the fact that milk thistle is an extremely potent remedy when it comes to aiding our liver. Besides supporting liver cell regeneration, it also plays an important part in aiding liver in its daily quest of filtering and processing of toxins. Among the wide variety of ailments the herb is used to fight, some of the most well-known are hepatitis, fatty liver disease, jaundice and psoriasis. Indeed, nature has been extraordinary kind by producing this easily accessible and immensely valuable herb. With all of its qualities, it’s only natural, that the milk thistle has become somewhat of an industry standard when it comes to the production of pharmaceutical liver remedies. If there’s any plant that deserves the status of miracle herb than milk thistle surely comes off as the most credible contender for the title.

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