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GriPharma Healthcare is a contemporary drug manufacturing, and distribution company, based in the economical center of the Baltic States - Riga, Latvia. With a clear sense of a mission to improve the general welfare of the population, GriPharma Healthcare utilizes a set of innovative production techniques to provide the greatest customer satisfaction as well as an actual long-term investment in the public healthcare. With the introduction of the liver supplement „EssentiLiv”, the company strives to elaborate on the existing liver medication formula, in order to create a revolutionary liver detoxification agent, able to effectively exterminate any potential threat to an individual’s well-being. Carrying out a strict doctrine of quality and constant invention, GriPharma’s market breakthrough, the liver supplement „EssentiLiv”, is a result of a meticulous pharmaceutical processing, rigorous laboratory testing, and a shared belief that the liver diseases can be successfully turned into an issue belonging to the past. Offering a perfect synthesis of well-tried, age-old recipes and the power of futuristic medical facilities, GriPharma Healthcare stands for a constant improvement and a permanent excellence of execution.

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Our company is looking for distribution opportunities of EssentiLiv liver supplement in several countries. If you are interested, send request to info@gripharma.com or fill the online form to get exclusive distribution deal.


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GriPharma Healthcare

Rīga, Jāņa Asara iela 9-43, LV-1009

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Your product will be dispatched from the moment of the actual purchase and will arrive in the next 72 hours at your convenience. The product will be packed in a perfectly safe soft cover that’ll ensure its protection during the trip.

EssentiLiv products are made in the USA territory using only the top class production FDA approved facilities and employing experts with a prominent experience in the field. The process is carefully overlooked and executed to always live up to the company’s high-quality standard.

The materials involved in the making of EssentiLiv products are processed using only eco-friendly techniques. The casing of the pills does not contain materials of an animal origin. Guaranteed quality, no synthetics and production methods that provide no harm on nature’s side.