1. What is your quality premise and how can the customer be sure about it?


EssentiLiv® liver supplement products are manufactured according to the norms set by the GMP (Good manufacturing practice). GMP is a system that foresees and ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control authorization and licensing for manufacturing and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products. The products made according to the practices of GMP are automatically granted high-quality guarantee and do not pose any risk to the consumer and the public. These GMP regulations have the force of law that requires the manufacturers to take proactive steps to ensure that their product is safe, clean and effective, preventing the customer from buying a product that’s either ineffective or poses a potential harm to health.


  1. What is your unique selling point? How EssentiLiv® products are different from any other liver supplement product found on the market?


During the production process we utilize a special proprietary blend, not to be found in any other Liver supplement that’s currently available on the market. Combining milk thistle extract with phospholipids and vitamin B complex, EssentiLiv® liver supplements boast a unique mixture of three, vitally important ingredients that work for the benefit of the user’s liver. While the milk thistle extract works to detoxify and protect your liver, phospholipids can boost liver’s ability to regenerate cells and support normal liver function, with the vitamin B complex meanwhile assisting and regulating a proper digestive function. This unique blend of ingredients works to fight and reduce all liver disease-related symptoms and causes with an unprecedented effectiveness.


  1. Are EssentiLiv® products somehow superior to other dietary supplement products?


The unique feature of the EssentiLiv® formula is its capability to carry out Liposomal drug delivery. In practice, this means that the specific active ingredient is surrounded by a liposomal layer which functions as a vehicle for a more efficient administration of the pharmaceutical element, allowing it to enter the target cell through its liposome layer. This feature significantly boosts the effectiveness of the EssentiLiv® capsules since it assures that the respective ingredient reaches user’s liver in higher concentration than that of other liver supplement products.


  1. Do EssentiLiv® products have any side effects?


EssentiLiv® products have undergone numerous clinical trials and are scientifically proven to be safe and efficient. There are no known side effects if the EssentiLiv® products are used according to the instructions indicated on the product packaging. However, as with all food supplement products, it is strongly recommended to consult your family physician before actually starting to use EssentiLiv® liver supplements.

With that said our product has been a subject of an extensive research and has to meet strict regulations and requirements before actually being made available to the general public.


  1. Where can get the information about the ingredients used in EssentiLiv® products?


You can look for in-depth information regarding our products on our website: https://www.essentiliv.com/. Alternatively, you can reach us via the email: info@gripharma.com or call us at +371 20011787 or +371 25626682 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 5:00 PM. You can also leave your message on our “Contact Us” section.


  1. Do EssentiLiv® products contain any animal-related products?


EssentiLiv® products are made and processed utilizing only eco-friendly methods. The casing of the capsules, as well as the ingredients within them, do not contain any products of an animal origin.


  1. Isn’t it more efficient to use milk thistle extract in a pure form as it’s been widely regarded as the most reliable remedy for a healthy liver?


Even though there are numerous pros to using milk thistle extract in its pure form, EssentiLiv® products are simply a more effective way of obtaining all the necessary supplements within a single capsule. Milk thistle alone cannot prevent the whole plethora of liver-related issues; therefore, a mixture of elements is necessary for successful long-term preventive measures. Note that the liposomal drug delivery feature helps to deliver each ingredient to its target cell in a much more concentrated form!


  1. What is the recommended dosage of EssentiLiv® products? Should the capsules be taken prior or after the meals, and what is the recommended frequency of use?


Although liver supplements, such as our very own EssentiLiv®, are an effective way to prevent a plethora of liver conditions and to significantly reduce their symptoms, they should be by any means viewed as a substitute to your regular diet and thus - should be used with great consideration. The dosage may vary according to the health condition, the nature of the liver-related issue, age, etc. The before/after meal aspect is equally important in all medicine-related disciplines solely because the food that is processed in the stomach may interfere with the absorption of the pharmaceutical product. The main rule here is to use food supplement products that can provoke gastric irritation after the meal while the ones that are stomach friendly and don’t produce any irritation – before the meal. However, the use of any food supplement product should be discussed with a professional physician!




  1. Can EssentiLiv® products be used in a conjunction with alcohol?


Despite EssentiLiv® products being perfectly safe to use while consuming alcohol, they have not been tested in these particular conditions. Note that abstention or moderate use of alcohol is generally advised to maintain good health.


  1. Can there be any potentially harmful interactions if a person uses EssentiLiv® products alongside other medication?


Even though there isn’t any known evidence of a harmful interaction between EssentiLiv® products and other medications, it is strongly recommended to consult your physician prior using EssentiLiv® liver supplements alongside other medications.


  1. Can a person use EssentiLiv® products during pregnancy?


As the clinical trials for EssentiLiv® products did not involve tests, conducted on pregnant women, we strongly advise abstaining from the use of dietary supplements during the pregnancy period, without consulting your physician beforehand!


  1. How long will it take for the user to see the full efficacy of the EssentiLiv® product?


The results may vary individually and strongly depending on the state of the user’s health. Generally, EssentiLiv® products are meant to provide the user with progressive, albeit long-lasting effects. Thus, it is recommended to allow EssentiLiv® products at least 12-16 weeks to see the full health benefits.


  1. Are there any negative side effects associated with a long term use of the EssentiLiv® products?


It is perfectly fine to use EssentiLiv® products for as long as it’s necessary until there are no active liver disease or digestive function issue-related symptoms left.


  1. Are EssentiLiv® products an effective way to treat common skin problems such as acne?


Although the treatment of skin problems is not the primary function of EssentiLiv® liver supplements, the vitamin B complex found in the EssentiLiv® capsules is generally known as an effective way to fight and prevent the symptoms of acne.


  1. Are EssentiLiv® products capable of curing serious liver conditions, such as cirrhosis and liver cancer?


Although EssentiLiv® products can serve as good way to boost preventive measures; they are not capable of curing or significantly treating both conditions and should be by no means viewed as a method to treat terminal conditions. In the case of both cirrhosis and liver cancer, it is strongly recommended to follow only the advice and methodology provided by healthcare professionals!


  1. Where can I buy EssentiLiv® products?


Currently, EssentiLiv® products are available only at our online store. However, there a numerous pros to the fact, as it’s a convenient option to purchase and receive your product right at your doorstep.


  1. What are the delivery terms, and how long it will take for my order to arrive?


The EssentiLiv® products are processed, dispatched and sent out 24 hours from the moment of the actual purchase. Normally it takes around 2-3 days for the order to arrive for the US deliveries with 7-14 day for the international deliveries. However, the terms may vary according to the geographical specifics regarding the latter.


  1. What can I do if I’m not satisfied with the efficacy of the product or it arrives in a damaged state?


Regarding the cases of customer dissatisfaction, our company is practicing the 30-day return policy. If the specific case involves a damaged product, the customer is free to send it back while we will cover the shipping costs and send back a new product in a proper condition.


  1. How can I track my order?


Our company employs the services of Shopify e-commerce platform. Thereby, you’ll be able to check the status of your order on the final page of our store’s checkout form. Here you’ll be able to check the status of your shipment with real-time updates and the location of your order. You will also be able to re-order products or begin a new shopping session on our online store.


  1. Will my order be properly packaged?


Regarding delivery services and logistics, our company employs ShipMonk e-commerce platform which functions as the main caretaker of the shipping-related processes. Acknowledging their globally renowned quality standard, you can be sure that your order will be packed safely and will arrive in a flawless condition.

Your product will be dispatched from the moment of the actual purchase and will arrive in the next 72 hours at your convenience. The product will be packed in a perfectly safe soft cover that’ll ensure its protection during the trip.

EssentiLiv products are made in the USA territory using only the top class production FDA approved facilities and employing experts with a prominent experience in the field. The process is carefully overlooked and executed to always live up to the company’s high-quality standard.

The materials involved in the making of EssentiLiv products are processed using only eco-friendly techniques. The casing of the pills does not contain materials of an animal origin. Guaranteed quality, no synthetics and production methods that provide no harm on nature’s side.